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  • Australasian Life Force & DTC Promo Tour

    As part of their ongoing commitment to serve the membership, Life Force AsiaPacific have lined up a new set of promo events for Australia and New Zealand, and hosts events in Perth (27 July), Auckland (29 July), Nelson (31 July) and Christchurch (1 Aug). All details in the Calendar. During these days, Zvone Vodnik and [...]

  • News eFlash sent out

    It might have been a short while ago that you’ve received the latest, but we’ve just sent a new eFlash to our subscribers. In our eFlash we discuss Call schedule, call recordings, Business Basics calls, Christa’s latest video, the Australasian Life Force Tour and the new electronic Wellness- and Freedom Express. Enough to hurry to your [...]

  • Organic Living Newsletter May 2014 out now

    Jacqueline Marshall has composed a new Organic Living Newsletter for the month of May, which subscribers have already received. Read it here. You can receive this newsletter too, by clicking on the link and subscribing in the top left corner of the newsletter page.

  • Virtual Success Camp started

    Today we have seen the birth of a further development on the Success Camps! During this 1-hour call, hosted by Jimy Murphy, we kick off with our first ever Virtual Success Camp. This kick-off call is the foundation for this one-week preparation, working towards the Success Camp next Saturday December 7th. David Colister has some [...]

  • Organic Living Newsletter – Out Now

    The renewed Organic Living Newsletter is out now. If you haven’t received it, you may not be subscribed. Go to any of the other newsletters you have received and, in the bottom of the email, click to amend your subscriptions.

  • Important Monday Night Business Builder Call this week

    This week’s Monday Business Builder Call will be dedicated to the question if and why you would consider being part of the newly presented and prelaunched DitchTheCan Program. This is ESPECIALLY important if you’re still sitting on the fence, as the 31st of October is an important time-line date to be IN! If you have [...]

  • DitchTheCan Prelaunch – New Network Marketing Company Overview

    DtC LIVE— Making It Real —Monetize the “Pig In A Python” in the New Economy! Live The Dream! “Bridge the Generations”- and Dance into The New Economy w/ Michael Jude, David Colister and Others in front of The Live Audience in Golden, Colorado USA!!

  • Coming from a Place of Love

    This week’s Business Builder Call is another great call by Christa Way, this time on ‘Coming from a Place of Love’. Don’t know about you, but I get a lot out of it, each time again!   Also, Laurie Mitchell has hosted a great Product Call on Vitali-C Plus.  

  • Business Builder Call: From Fear to Faith

    Yet another great call by our own Crown Diamond Christa Way: “From Fear to Faith”   Business Builder Call: From Fear to Faith  

  • Philadelphia Dream Academy Recordings available

    This is it! All 21 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds of it! Day 1, Morning Session There were some issues with the camera and connection, so we’ve lost about one minute of the training. Apologies for the inconvenience. This is a PLAY-LIST; if the next section does not automatically start, select ‘NEXT’ from the [...]